English Rakugo Class
 Lesson Dates:
 There are five classes a month: first and second Sundays; and first, second and third Saturdays. Please choose one of these classes.
 Time: From 1:30pm to 5pm

 Tokyo Art Center (Senju 1-4 Adachi, Tokyo)
 Nearest Station: Kita-Senju (JR, Chiyoda-line, Hibiya-line, Tobu-line, Tsukuba EX, three-minute walk from the west exit)

 Registration 5000 yen
 Materials 3000 yen
 Tuition 24000 yen (including 5 lessons and a presentation, no lessons in March and August)
 Observation 2500 yen

 1st term: From April to September
 2nd term: From October to February

 Contact: Kanariya Eiraku (kanariya.eiraku@gmail.com)

English Rakugo Shows for 2020
 Dates:Feb 11, 22, 23, 29 Sep 20, 22, 26, 27
 Venue: Oedo Ryogoku-tei (5 minute walk from Ryogoku Station)
 Admisstion: Free
 Contact: Kanariya Eiraku (kanariya.eiraku@gmail.com)

Bilingual Rakugo Shows for 2020
 We will present several Rakugo stories in Japanese and English.
 Dates:April 26
 Time: 11:30〜15:30PM
 Venue: Oedo Ryogoku-tei (5 minute walk from Ryogoku Station) 
 Admisstion: 500 yen
 Contact: Kanariya Eiraku (kanariya.eiraku@gmail.com)

English Storytelling Show for 2020
 We will present reading, monologue, and Rakugo in English
 Dates:Oct 31
 Time: 13PM〜15:30PM
 Venue: Oedo Ryogoku-tei (5 minute walk from Ryogoku Station) 
 Admisstion: 1000 yen
 Contact: Kanariya Eiraku (kanariya.eiraku@gmail.com)

 Access map to the venue
 Oedo Ryogoku-tei

 A five minute walk from Ryogoku Station

Catering English Rakugo
 We also hold English Rakugo recitals or seminars at hotels, embassies, international institutions such as JICA, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools.
 If you plan an English Rakugo recital or a seminar, please contact Eiraku.
 Email: kanariya.eiraku@gmail.com

The English Rakugo Channel

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